Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Wardles £20 Summer Pool knockout

Wardles in Hebburn have once again brought the north east another pool knockout, which is to be played at a time that suits you. Played over the summer, you will have 20 days to play your game once the draw is made, with the first round draw due at 13.00 today.

There are 32 participants, of all standards, with some top names like Michael Rhodes and Gavin Robinson playing. All IPA professional players will be starting with a -2 handicap which gives all players the chance of victory. With this is mind, players like Kevin Rainbow, and Matt Brannan will be confident of a good tournament, and even players further down the standard such as Paul Coxon, Jordan Watson, and Kane Armstrong will be confident of causing an upset. Razz has put odds on all players within the tournament, and there’s plenty of value to be had, with lots of outsiders very capable of winning the tournament. All players and odds listed below.

Wardles Pool £20 Spring Knockout Challenge

Player Name Odds
Michael Rhodes 2/1
Kevin Rainbow 2/1
Gavin Robinson 5/2
Matt Brannan 4/1
Marc Smith 4/1
Davey Harrop 5/1
Dean Wilson 6/1
Dean Richardson 13/2
Paul Coxon 7/1
Kevin Teasdale 7/1
Stephen Hayes 8/1
Jordan Watson 8/1
Jay Dewar 8/1
Mark Bell 8/1
Gareth Evans 10/1
Kane Armstrong 12/1
Gary Bell 12/1
Ben Wood 14/1
David Glynn 14/1
Ian Turner 14/1
Alfie Powelly 14/1
Scott Gray 14/1
Dan Defty 14/1
Les Walker 16/1
Rob McConnell 16/1
Jonny Thirsk 16/1
Seamus Nolan 16/1
Darren Craggs 16/1
Eddy Irving 16/1
Keith Briggs 20/1
Phil Belshaw 20/1
Richard Garside 22/1

Good luck to all participants. Once the draw is made, we will bring you this and update our website. You can keep up to date with the draw and the scores on the cuescore page here.


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