Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Super Pub Sunday Returns – With a New Champion !

This Sunday, we return to the Sky Lounge, home of World Champion Marc Farnsworth, to observe the 2nd event of the Pub Player Spring Series. A day of fast pool, big upsets, controversial calls & lovely pints, an event not to missed! With Event 1 Winner, Chris Delaney, absent from the day, we will have a new champion at the top of the pile come the end of the day. Who will it be? Let’s look at some potentials.

Lee Etheridge

Last event’s runner up, Lee will be hoping to go one further this event. It was a surprise last month to see Lee so focused, considering he had early exitee’s Iain Pine & Lee Boggie hovering around him spouting absolute bollocks during every single frame. If Lee shows that sort of form this weekend, he’ll definitely be in the mix again. But a tricky opening game will have all eyes watching.

Daniel Wallace

The loud mouthed South Shields lad makes his first appearance at this series, due to missing the first event. Daniel will likely go off as 1 of the strong favourites with the bookmaker, but this Sunday will all come down to 1 thing for Wallace; Will he win the event before his 2nd Coors takes effect and he’s mortal? With a potential Banana slip in his first game, Tom Cruise Jr will need to be switched on from the get-go.

Jake Bell

Our 2nd spotlight for a South Shields player, as Simonside’s 2nd best player looks to claim his first pool win since a 2015 Hebburn & Jarrow Singles trophy. Jake was brushed aside at the last event by Chris Delaney, but Jake will know he threw away massive chances. He’ll be hoping that this event will be different, but an opening game against Steve Hogg will be a tricky match up.

Michael Rice


All jokes aside, the silent assassin is coming in to this event on the back of some form. Recent wins in the £50 a man competition seen Gateshead’s finest take down some very strong opponents. Michael will no doubt be in the club daily this week as he tries to fine tune his performance to finally get his hands on that top spot. As long as he’s not on a shot clock….

For all those not involved, feel free to come down and join us. The day is always spent in good spirits and a great opportunity for the pool world to get together. Good luck to all

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