Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Sky Lounge and Thorney club to host money games this Saturday 21st October

This weekend sees two money games at two different venues in the North East.

Ryan Cooper v Matt Brannan – £14k pot – Race to 25 – Thorney Close Club

I have not seen much of Ryan play lately, however from past experience he has always looked solid and someone with bags of potential. In his younger days his temperament could have been questioned, however,  he does seem to have matured as he has grown older. If Ryan is in good form, he will be hard to beat for sure. Ryan has been practising hard for this game, with a recent practice session with Brian (Buzzer) Halcrow, and will be sure to be fired up and ready for this one.
As for Matt, he comes to this game off the back of a 21-13 Victory over Craig Brown for just over £5000 and will be full of confidence. He also won the event for all non money winning players in the recent North East Pool tour, so one could say hes in a bit of form. Again a solid player and capable of beating anybody on his day. Matt will be hoping for victory which will fire him top of the Hustler League rankings. Matt is more experienced than Ryan, however it could all come down to who gets the most luck off the breaks as to who wins this one.
NorthEastPools prediction – Hard to call. I think itll be a class game. One I will be spectating. Im going to say 25-22 to Matt, however it can so easily be the other way round and I cant see anyone running away with this one.

Jay Dewar v Peter McGonnel – £3k pot – Race to 18 – Sky Lounge

If im honest, I dont know much about any of these players. I once played Peter for £50 at one of those Razz nights and got hammered, which is why I also lost my game of pool 😉

Jay has recently beat John Mullen for around a £4k pot, so comes to the match on the back of a victory and confidence will be high. From what ive heard hes a steady player, and again very capable on his day.
Peters last 2 games(that we have been made aware of) was against Jimmy Hall losing 15-13 for £1k, and 13-4 victory v Reece Chisholm earlier this year for £300. Another solid player from my little experience from seeing him play.
Both lads will be will  up  for the game and im sure Sky Lounge will see many spectators in what already seems to be a class venue for north east pool.
NorthEastPools prediction – As I dont know enough about the two lads it would be difficult to give a scoreline, however due to Jays recent victory I would go for a Jay victory.

Thats a grand total of £17k playing tomorrow which would bring our 2017 North East total to just short of £430k. Im sure we will hit £500k before the years out.

Keep your games posted on our North East Money Match Group and we will continue to update our website..

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