Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Room 21 continues to bring players together

Once again Col Matthews brings pool players together with the “Pool Weekend” at Room 21. Starting with a money match night last night, which seems to be welcomed by all, they continue into today wit their £10 flyer, which brings with it £250 added. 40 names are already down for this and im sure it will be a fantastic day.

Onto Sunday, and he has brought together 2 4 man competitions, with some of the North Easts top pool players. The first a £200 entry, with £250 added and a first prize of £750. This will be played on green cloth and will be races to 15. The entrants being, Dan Harris, Craig Brown, Matt Brannan and Michael Rhodes. This is sure to be a cracker, and there will be some fantastic pool to be watched throughout the day. If thats not enough to wet your appetite, then over on the 4 blue cloths, we have another £200 entry competition with £250 added, and again races to 15. Ryan Clark, Nicky Ellar, Steve Thompson and Geoff Campbell will challenge for the £750 first prize. Both of these games are due to start at 12.30.

If you thought that would be all, then youd be mistaken, as he has also managed to pull together a team event, which is being dubbed the young 1s v Woodies old men. A team of 10/11 players at £20 per man, with £250 added again in a winners take all team event. With the format:

10 Singles
5 Scotch Doubles
2 5 man games
3×3 man games
1 singles best of 5

It is a point per frame with a lag to decide break every frame. This is a brilliant format and will be an excellent day thoroughly enjoyed by all. Again some of the north easts top players are competing in this with players:

The Young Winners The Moaning Old Bast@#%$
 Col Matthews (capt) Steve Woodier
Chris Darnell Ste Burnett
Callum Robinson John LStiff
Andy Barrett Jason Hebron
Alex Rambert Alan Stevenson
Matty Rowland Stu Richardson
Daz Jones Graeme Witton
Peter Woodier Paul Lynch
Darren Arkle Tony Kay
Jake Walker Alfie Powley
Reserve: Martin Perry Reserve: Nathan Beevers

As you can see this weekends Pool at Room21 is non stop. Be sure to get yourselves down for what will be a brilliant weekend. Theres always something going on at Room 21 and credit to Col Matthews who continues to bring the north east some top quality pool.

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