Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Pool Rules

Pool has struggled throughout the years partly because of many different pool rules sets around the country, and the world. If you were to go into a bar in your local, chances are youll play the local rules from your local league, however if you travel even just 20-30 miles out of your area, youll come across rules that have never even been made official. Like the common student rules, which ive came across in the Sunderland area, where if the white goes down the pocket, you have to play down the table. In all the years, ive player pool, ive never seen this in any official rules.

Here at North East Pool, we have put together  a page full of the rule that we know are currently being played world wide on a regular basis.

Blackball Rules
The most common of rules, which have took off and became more and more popular throughout the year. If you were just starting out to play, these would be the rules to learn. The IPA have had alot to do with blackball and have recently got our beautiful game onto TV, which is definitely a step in the right direction.

World Rules
Some would say these were the old, “boring” rules, but truth is they are still played regularly through the uk. I played world rules for years and came to like them as it suited my game. But the game advanced, and I then got into blackball, above. The EPA are the governing body for world rules, who continue to bring tournaments and county. Some say it may be struggling. If the IPA and EPA could join force and agree to one ruleset, our game could be massive!

Chinese 8 Ball Rules
Chinese 8 ball is massive, and predominantly played overseas. A few of the North East players such as Brian Halcrow, Jordan Cunningham, and Chris Patrick have been invited to events over in China to play these events. Ive been watching the ICEA tournaments closely lately and enjoying watching the streams. It isnt as big over the UK as yet, but it really should be. Chris Melling seems to be the leading UK Chinese 8 Ball Player, but Id imagine this wont be for long as the game is booming, and it wont b long until it takes off over here

Supreme Pool Rules

A ruleset only recently made up this year, and potentially may never have been played competitively(as of this post in April 2018). This rule set was made by Lee Kendall and his team following the organising of the supreme pool series.  This has got to be one of the most prestigious pool events of our time. The rules were put together so to try and get a unique set of rules for everyone to play which are not linked to any governing body. Will they take off? We will find out later in the year.


So which ruleset do you prefer? Let us know in our North East Pool discussion group and be sure to join and like our North East Pool page

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