Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

North Easts Money Match Analysis

As we move into the second half of the year, we look at some of the stats we have been compiling from the matches we have logged for the year. As of 17th June 2018, we have logged a total of 65 matches, with a total of £162,309 being played for.

Now, its obvious we cannot possibly log every single money game that has went on throughout the northeast as we just dont find out about everyone. We dont have results for various money match days etc, which we had alot of in 2017. So most of the analysis done below will be of big games.

The biggest game so far this year, which has involved a North East Pool player is way back earlier in the year when Paul Riley came out a 25-16 victor over Matt Lawrenson at Q8 Sports Bar for a staggering £21,000. This of course was played outside of the North East. The highest within the northeast would be when Jay Dewar beat John Mullen at Sky Lounge, 20-16 for a tidy sum of £9,400.

Of course its not all about the amount of money played for in 1 match, as you can build up quite a pot by playing numerous small games, as Gary Spooner, has done thus far amassing a total of 12 games, losing just once, with a total of £14000 won so far this year. Thats an average of just over £1272 per game.

When it comes to venues, theres always something going at at the various venues throughout the northeast, and of course theyre all brilliant money match venues. Sky Lounge, Room 21 and Wardles, have the most games recorded with 7 games a piece, however it is Sky Lounge which comes out on top with a whopping, £26,800 played at the venue since the turn of the year, Room 21 following with £18,000.

There is however, no competition, as to who hosts the most games, or for the most coin, however it gives you an idea, of where the players like to play, and the most favourable venues. Paul Riley sits comfortably at the top of the table, with Chris Patrick closely 2nd. Theres plenty of games arranged already for the rest of the year, and many more to come.

The North East continues to prove, we love our pool and just love a gamble!

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