Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Money Match madness brings fireworks!

4 Venues, numerous players, and nearly £20k shows the North East are still hungry for pool.

Friday saw the return of the popular “Goose Night” at Right on cue, when players from around the area, put there hard earned cash on the table against players of similar standard hoping to bring hope the dollar. A grand total of £2500 was played for over 11 matches, involving 22 different players, playing 122 frames between each other. A couple of matches to note, was Stewart Wright and Phil Empson going to a decider, with Stew taking the final frame in a pretty tidy clearance. David Watkins is no stranger to money matches, who took on Colin Pilcher, who has been from the pool scene for quite a while. With Wocky taking a 6-2 lead it looked as good as over, until The Fish, coming back to take the win 9-7. The match of the night, was between our host Jimmy Hall taking on Thomas Gwyn in a race to 10. Mouse producing a “faultless” display and winning 10-6. For all the results from the night click here.

Saturday, we had 4 big games at 3 different venues, with the first being at the Sky Lounge where 2 in form players in Lee Boggie and Lewis Hutchinson went head to head for £6000 in a race to 18. Lewis would have went into the match as favourite, but Boggie has took some great wins lately, and wasnt letting this one slip, taking home the £6000.

Meanwhile over the other side of the North East, Mark Little and Anthony Kyme were preparing for there match at the Masons Arms, for a very generous £2000. Anthony coming on the back of a great win v Matthew Christopher, would certainly have fancied his chanced. However, Mark was certainly due a win, and came out victorious on this occasion.

Moving back to the other side of the North East, as far as Ashington, a potential grudge match was taking place when Darrin Craggs took on Lee Cook for £2000. Lee feeling very confident after 2 victories so far this year. Darrin out of the money scene for a while, would certainly fancy his chances. However it was Lee that took home the victory on this occasion.

Back at the Masons arms, some would say the game of the day was taking place, and quite possibly the shock of the Day. Ross Terrington playing away to David Taggarts venue. A small matter of £6400 stood between then in a race to 21 game Ross, many peoples favourite taking on a man with so much confidence in his own ability in Taggart. From early on it seemed scrappy and it looked like going all the way at 6-6. Taggart then taking frame after frame, and causing a shock with a 21-12 victory over a dejected Ross Terrington.

The North East is as hungry as ever for pool and it just goes to show with the amount of games on this weekend. Some brilliant match ups, and potential rematches for the future. Well over 1/4 of a million pounds has now been played for in the North East in 2018 alone, with a few more matches to come.

Alot of the games werent streamed this weekend which was a shame. Did you know NorthEastPool offers streaming services? Check out what we can offer here.

Our Hustlers League is hotting up Jay Dewar top of the table, closely followed by Gary Spooner. Check out our Hustlers Corner with everything you need to know about North East Money Matches.

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