Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Money Match Analysis – Who, where, how many and how much?

As 2017 draws to a close, here at northeastpool we look at who has played for the most money over the past year. Where we have had the most matches played, and who plays for the most money per match.

Most Money Played for in 2017

If you follow money match pool in the north east, this one should be pretty obvious. Gavin Robinson leads the way with £92140 played for in 2017. Thats nearly 20% of the whole amount the north east has played for and nearly double what Marc Farnsworth has played for who lies in 2nd place. Theres no doubt about it, Gav just loves a money match, and im sure with all the experience he has gained this year, 2018 could be a very profitable year for him.


Total £ Played

Gavin Robinson £92140
Marc Farnsworth £48000
Paul Riley £47000
Lee Shepherd £46500
Chris Patrick £46040


Total Matches Played in 2017

As expected, we see Gavin Robinson near the top of most matches played for this year, however,  unsurprisingly we see Kevin Duke top of the pile with a total of 16 matches played in total. Chris Patrick is another who loves a money match and its no surprise he is in third with 8 games played which is soon to be 9 with a big £10k match on the 16th December at Wardles



Total matches played

Kevin Duke 16
Gavin Robinson 12
David Watkins 10
Chris Patrick 8
David Thompson 7


Average £ per game

This one is basically the total amount played for divided by the total games a player has played. North East, and Ipa number one Marc Farnsworth, leads the pack with an average of £16,000 played per game. Paul Riley is close behind with £15,667. Interestingly we have 70 players with an average of £1000 or more. And the north east in general has played for an average of £2316,94 per match this year. Wow!


Average £ played per game

Marc Farnsworth £16,000
Paul Riley £15,667
Ryan Clark £11,600
Craig Lauder £8,700
Marc Smith £8,600


But what about venues?

We have this covered too. With so many fantastic venues around the north east now, players will never struggle to find a top notch venue to play their money match. With local clubs and pubs also taking the time out to host some of the north easts top money matches


Most Matches played at a venue

From the matches we have been aware of and been told about, Buzzers seems to be the place where most matches have been played in 2017. This does include their money match days they have hosted this year.


Total matches

Buzzers 38
Wardles 37
Birtley Snooker Club 23
Pots Bar 19
Top Hat 16
Sky Lounge 14
Breakers 8
Masons Arms 8
Supa Snooker 7
Moors Arms 6


Total £ played for at a venue in 2017

This one may come as a surprise to all as it hasnt even been open a year. However it has hosted some of the Norths Easts biggest games of the year in 2017. Wardles unsurprisingly is also up there with the venue hosting games through 2017. This includes only north east venues


Total £ played

Sky Lounge £87,900
Wardles £54,915
Pots Bar £53,400
Breakers £39,000
Room 21 £23,500
Supa Snooker £15,600
Birtley Snooker Club £14,310
Buzzers £12,200
Top Hat £9,900
Masons Arms £7,300



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