Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Most improved Player of the year 2017

Thankyou to all who voted for the most improved player for 2017

Your Nominations were: Beau Thirsk, Brian Pendleton, Catherine Jones, Chris Patrick, David Leathead, David Thompson, Gavin Robinson, Jay Dewar, Kane Armstrong, Kevin Duke, Lee Bell, Lewis Hutchinson, Matt Brannan, Michael Rhodes, Niall Sykes, Phil Empson, Reece Chisholm, Steve Doggett, and Will Mason

And the winner is……………

In joint second place with 7.6% of the votes, we have Kane Armstrong, Matt Brannan, David Thompson, Chris Patrick, and Reece Chisholm.

With 11.5% of the votes…
Your winner, and most improved player of 2017 is:
Jay Dewar.

Well done to Jay and all our nominated players. Good luck for 2017!

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