Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Gary Spooner v Mark Little The Irish Bar, Annitsford

After yesterdays money games where Lewis Hutchinson came through a decider against Matthew Christopher, 20-19, and a game that went under the radar at NorthEastPool where Graeme Witton came through a 20-10 victor against Ross Terrington for £2600 at Room 21, today turns out attention to The Irish Annitsford where Gary Spooner takes on Mark Little for a small matter of £4000.

A much anticipated game, with Spooner playing at his home venue, it will be interesting to see how this ones pans out. With experience of playing at the venue and watching games before, this could be a tough environment for Mark Little, with the playing area being quite close to the bar. However im sure the game will be played with utmost respect and itll come down to who brings their A game to the table.

If Mark is potting well, then he can be a very good player to watch and can flow around the table, however, his safety game has been questioned in the past. I feel if Mark is going to win this, then he would need to adapt to Spooners style of play, as he will bring safety into the game. Spooner does have an all round game, and has recent match experience coming off the back of the £100 a man tournament at Premier Pool, where he got to the plate final. Mark also has experience this year of money games where earlier this year he has 2 defeats to Matthew Christopher and David Taggart. Im sure he will be wanting to put this right with a victory today over Spooner.

Having played both players in the past, id have to say Spooner would be favourite here, especially at his home venue, however, everytime I have played Mark, he has never turned up and has so much more to offer. I wont be predicting who I think will win today due to having the upmost respect of both players, however im thinking this could be a 20-16 either way

Good luck to both lads. Unfortunately, the bar does not have its own stream, so if you want to watch this one, you will need to go and watch this one in person. The address is below:

Irish Club,
Barras Avenue,

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