Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Finnians B v Blackhill Club B – Consett team knockout final

Tonight sees the rearranged date for the Consett Team knockout final where Finnians B play Blackhill club B

The two teams have been 2nd and 1st respectively for almost the whole of the season and it is expected to be a tight affair. Chris Page will be looking to captain his side into defending the title they won last season, whilst Colin Pilcher will be looking for his first bit of silverware in his debut season as captain of Finnians B.

Both teams are well respected by each team and it is sure to be an interesting and close battle.

Likely squads:

Finnians B

Blackhill Club B

Colin Pilcher

Matt Brannan

Shaun Taylor

David Thompson

Paul Stephenson

Phillip Marshall

Marc Murray

Connor Lightbody

Chris Page

Kevin Rainbow

David Castledene

Kane Armstrong

Alan Hogarth

Robert Hogarth


Be sure to tune in to our youtube channel and watch it live as we bring you all the action below:

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