Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Controversy, nail biting deciders, £26,400 and a 17 year old triumph

It all started off on Friday, where Scott Gray took on Reece Chisholm for £5000, giving the total pot a healthy boost for the weekend. Reece taking home the spoils with an 18-13 victory at Wardles 

We didnt have to wait long for the next game, with 2 game kicking off in unison as Kai Dixon took on David Taggart at Birtley Snooker Club for £4k. This is the game I witness first hand, which was to be a game of 2 halves. Both players missing chances in the first, where at one point it was 10-9 to David. Unfortunately for the neutral, the score ended with David winning 25-13.

We also had the small matter off Matt Brannan and Marc Smith taking on each other for a princely sum of £8600 at Wardles. Marc strolled into a healthy lead early on, going ahead 11-5 at one point. In the end it was Matt Brannan winning a tightly contested affair 25-23, after swerving round a ball to pot the black over the pocket. Two absolutely quality players, and a rematch will be wanted by many.

Once those games had finished at around 7pm, there were two other games. Wardles  hosting Jordan Cunningham v Jamie Spratt for £2800. Again, it started with tightly contested affair, then Jordan got into his groove, and it was the 17 year old taking the spoils in a fantastic 20-9 victory. Such a quality victory for someone so young. Jamie, however will be back.

Moving back to Birtley Snooker Club, we saw Jordan Young take on Nikki Murtagh for a pot of £3000. The game seemed to go back and forth and then in the 36th frame with Jordan 18-17 ahead, the controversy began, as an alleged foul was to have been made by Jordan. As I wasnt there, I wouldnt like to comment, however, it should be down to the referee. At he same time, you have also got to look at the fact, it was near enough 1 o clock in the morning. Most people had been out best part of the day. Players may have been tired. The people watching may have been tired, so everyone may not have saw what did or did not happen. I know of both lads, and although I may not know them as well as others, could not see any of them trying to cheat in a game of pool. Lets hope they can let bygones be bygones, forget it, and play a rematch in good spirit. A good game seems to have been tarnished by a little controversy. The game went to a decider, with Jordan taking home the spoilt 20-19.

Last but not least, we had a world rules game(yes people do still play them), where Jamie Brown took on Mark O’Connor at Pots Bar for a pot of £1000. Mark coming home with a comprehensive 18-6 victory.

As big as the games above may have been, we also had a simple matter of a game down at Spennys Sports Bar in Bridgwater, where George Tierney also known as The Sterling Hunter, or TRN1 played Lee Washbrook for over £50000, with Lee winning in the end, 25-22. George certainly knows how to showcase a game, and it would be fantastic to get him up the North East to play one of our regions top players. Im sure together, we could all raise a good amount of money to get him up the north east. There will be numerous venues, fighting to host any potential match.

We go onto the next matches, with many more in the pipeline soon.

Ill leave you with this post below from David Leathead, regarding the matches at Wardles. If you your posts hosting on North East Pool, just get in touch

Wow what a fantastic 2 days of pool we’ve just witnessed over here at Wardles Pool. £15,600 in total being played over the last 24 hours with some brilliant pool on show.
Friday started with Reece Chisholm running out 18-13 winner over local lad Scott Gray, in a game for £5,000
Todays big game was the clash between Marc Smith & Matt Brannan, with the latter eventually grabbing the 25-23 win and scooping a massive £8,600 to go with it. Brilliant game with a mix of fantastic clearances and excellent safety battles.
Then the Saturday was wrapped up when Wardles very own Jordan Cunningham defeated Jamie Spratt by a huge scoreline of 20-9, an awesome achievement for the young player and one to send a message out there to all those who underrated him.
Thanks to everybody who came through and supported each game. As always, every game was enjoyed by both sets of spectators without any hassle and every player was treated fairly with respect. Apologies for any stream issues that people may of had
We move on next week to our £100 a man, 16 player tournament which promises to be a thrilling day of pool.

Check out the latest scores and where you are in the Hustlers League table.

If we are missing your match, please get in touch and we will be happy to update this.

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