Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Fantasy Pool Table

Prize Money: 1st: £100 2nd: £40 3rd: £20 Best Team Name: £20

Team Manager Points
WalWilWin David Walton 131
The Lucky Boys Seamus Nolan 115
Pablos Jazz Talc David Wilkinson 114
Passport to the Phoenix Colin Pilcher 102
Only out for the Beer Ian Heslop 102
Wheres Wally? Liam Haney 99
The lucky Leprechauns Seamus Nolan 99
Jonny Bradley Jonny Bradley 98
Bangers of the Bridge David Bridge 97
The Leprechauns Seamus Nolan 97
Bridges over the Conny Pool David Bridge 96
Bridge of Bombers David Bridge 90
Sharps Rifles Kieran Sharp 88
Spin Doctors David Wilkinson 88
Up the Club Connor Morton 85
Gemmsy Lean Mean Dream Team Gemma Boagey 84
The Very Lucky Boys Seamus Nolan 83
Fish & Chips Graeme Thompson 82
Maysan David Castledene 79
Phoenix B Adam Wilding 77
Reserve Chips Graeme Thompson 77
F.U.B.A.R Kevin Rainbow 76
Chopwal Steven Beveridge 75
Ideal A Trevor Summers 73
Fred and Rose Wests Landscaping Design Ltd Kieran Sharp 70
Derwentside MIND Colin Pilcher 69
Give me a Break Peter Connolly 68
Juggsters Jugga Singh 67
Chopwally Steven Beveridge 66
Deez Minnions David Craig 66
Goodness Gracious 8 balls of Fire David Thompson 62
Am I Slower Than Wilky? Terry Calland 61
National Treasurer David Castledene 59
JuggaMeisters Jugga Singh 59
Blackhill Club till I die Connor Morton 56
Fred Wests Herbaceous Borders David Wilkinson 55
Mortgage Bureua Chopwell David Walton 55
Consett Braves Nick Stringer 53
David Ian Heslop 47
Nicks Marvells Nick Stringer 46
Ideal B Trevor Summers 44
Theres only 2 Davy Waltons Steven Beveridge 44
Cue-Tang-Clang Paul Finnigan 41
Page Boys Gary Page 36
More balls than Hitler Connor Lightbody 35
Everyone Knows a Dave Colin Pilcher 34
JuggaNauts Jugga Singh 29
Wallychops United Terry Calland 21


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