Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Busy weekend for North East Pool


The North East is spoilt for choice when it comes to money games this weekend, with 6 matches, yes 6 matches being played around the area, with a total of £20k being played for, and this is just minimum pots. We got off to a flying starting on Friday evening when Scott Gray and Reece Chisholm played for a total of £5000. Wardles were the hosts, being Facebook live streamed from David Leathead himself. Reece coming out victorious with an 18-13 win.

Saturday brings us the remaining 5 matches, kicking off at 1 o clock where Kai Dixon takes on David Taggart at Birtley Snooker Club, for a minimum pot of £4k in a race to 25. At the same time, Marc Smith and Matt Brannan will be playing for a £6k pot at Wardles in again a race to 25 match. Both matches will be gruelling affairs, and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top.

Once those matches are finished, there are 2 others games planned on the same tables straight after the main events. Jordan Young takes on Nikki Murtagh at Birtley Snooker club, for a minimum pot of £2k in a race to 20

Moving back over to Wardles sees the battle of the young up and coming players as 17 year old Jordan Cunningham takes on slightly older Jamie Spratt. This is a race to 20 match for a minimum pot of £2k. Moving away from Birtley Snooker Club and Wardles, we go over to Ashington where Jamie Brown takes on Mark O’Connor for a minimum pot of £1k at Pots Bar.

It would be hard for me to pick winners out of the above matches, as with the first match including a good mate of mine, it would certainly be biased, however, if I were to predict the outcomes of these matches they would be:

Kai Dixon to beat David Taggart

Matt Brannan to beat Marc Smith

Nikki Murtagh to beat Jordan Young

Jordan Cunningham to beat Jamie Spratt

Jamie Brown to beat Mark O’Connor (complete guess as I do not know much about either players)

All matches are tough to predict and if you’re predicted to lose then use this as a catalyst to prove me wrong.

Players like the above are what make North East Pool what it is. Passionate, Dedicated and gambling addicts. Once thing I can predict for sure, there will be some sore heads in the morning.

If you have nothing to do this weekend, pop over to one of the venues and give the lads some support. The addresses are all on our venues pages, or click the links on the names above.

Good luck to all lads today!

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