Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Our Vision

Pool is absolutely booming in the North East with the region producing some of the best players on the pool circuit. Here at North East Pool we are passionate about promoting the quality players we have in the North East.

North East pool is going from strength to strength with 9 current professionals on the IPA Tour, as well as 30+ other north east players competing for glory.

North East Pool will provide information regarding pool in the north east and will keep you up to date with whats going on. Our Hustlers league provides an up to date table regarding who has won the most money within the North East of England. We also have a page with a history of matches within the north east. We hope, by providing this information, it will help players within the region to arrange fair games.

In short we aim to:

  • Give pool players a platform on how to progress the game of 8 ball pool
  • Give pool players relevant information regarding whats happening around the north east
  • Promote and develop young players into the game of 8 ball pool

2018 gives us an exciting opportunity to further the sport within the North East with new players busting onto the scene on a regular basis.





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