Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

£50 a man takes stage at Sky Lounge

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Sky Lounge is again hosting a pool tournament, this time, with an 8 man pool tournament at £50 a man . The tournament is due to start at 12.30, to coincide with the Jay Dewar v John Mullen money game.

The draw was made last night as below with the odds in brackets. If anyone wants a bet, contact Steven Shotton on facebook.

Steven Shotton(12/1) v Lewis Cummings(5/1)
David Ball(5/2) v Stu Richardson(4/1)
Dan Wallace(5/2) v Paul Sayers(6/1)
David Thompson(4/1) v Graham Roper(5/1)

The draw is not redrawn every game and it will be game 1 plays winner of game 2 and so on etc.

Main contenders, which reflects in their odds are Dan Wallace and David Ball, however as far as ability goes, each player will be capable of beating each other, they simply wouldnt have entered if they didnt feel they were capable. If im honest, I dont know a great deal about Steven Shotton, or Paul Sayers, however im pretty sure theyll be more than confident of causing an upset. My outsider would be Lewis Cummings, who has won a small money game lately and sure to have been practising. David Thompson has now got experience of getting to the final before, and his opponent Graham Roper will have a tank full of diesel. Looking at the draw and the way they pan out, our prediction would be for a David Ball and Dan Wallace final, however, if Stu Richardson can get past David Ball in the first round, then I can see him going all the way.

Sky Lounge will of course have a great atmosphere with a big money game going on at the time, and it is sure to be a great day.

Good luck too all entrants!

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