Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

£31k+ 4 north east players, and 3 different venues, brings exciting weekend for North East Money Match Pool

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This weekend, sees 3 big money games featuring some of the north easts top players.

Firstly over at Sky Lounge, we have a rematch of 2017 North East Most Improved Player Jay Dewar against John Mullen, who are playing for a minimum of £6000, with a race to 20 at Blackball rules. Last time out, Jay came out a close 15-14 winner for a pot of £4000, which was again played at Sky Lounge. Since then he has had a few money games with the latest being against Mark Watson where he came out a 20-17 winner at Supa Snooker, for £7000. John it seems hasnt had a game since the last one with Jay(that we are aware of), however im sure he will be looking to seen revenge. The game is due to start at around 12.30pm and im sure Sky Lounge will have their regular stream running to bring use coverage of the game.

We then head down to Hustlers in Hull with an expected start time of 5pm, where 2017 Hustlers League of Honour winner Chris Patrick, takes on Alan Robinson for a small matter of £15000 minimum pot. Again this is Blackball rules, and played to the best of 49 frames. Chris has been practising hard for this one, and has been waiting for this for some time. Can he succeed and take himself into 2nd place in this years Hustlers League of Honour. The game is expected to be shown on facebook live, which im sure will be posted around facebook for all to see.


We then head 200 miles south to the West Midlands where Brian “Buzzer” Halcrow will be taking on Rob Chilton for a not too shabby £10000. A race to 25 will decide this game, and is being played at Club 99 in Oldbury, following the main event of Seb Web and Shaun Stebbings who last we heard were playing for a minimum of £35k. This may be advertised as the main event, but as far as we are concerned here in the North East, we will be watching with anticipation and hoping Buzzer can bring home the win. Im sure a game of this calibre will be shown on a live stream, and im sure once someone has it, theyll be posting it on facebook for all to see.


Theres these and so much more happening within then north east, with the £50 a man tournament happening right alongside the Jay Dewar and John Mullen game at Sky Lounge. As well as a £20 a man double elimination tournament on Saturday at Room 21. Theres also county pool games ongoing on Sunday as well, with Durham County due to start their first game of the season v North Cumbria at Birtley Snooker Club. Why not head over to one of this weekends events and support the guys playing. If your already planning on visiting one of these events and playing County. Then I do hope you have the Monday off work!

North East Pool, its going mental! And we love it!

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