Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

16 men, 4 pool tables and a late bar at Premier Pool

The £100 a man, took place on Sunday April 8th and, we have some faultless pool on display. With 16 men all competing for the main prize winnings of £400, it was a case of may the best man win. And the best man without doubt showed some pretty faultless pool throughout the day.

The competition got underway with the first sessions at 11am, with the second session at 1pm and then concluded to a finish. With some first round matches going well past the 1pm mark, this held up some of the 2nd round games, meaning it was looking like a late one, for whoever was to win the main event. With live streaming and scoring, this meant everyone interested around the world could tune in and keep track of what was happening as the both as Colin Pilcher came out a 9-8 victor against Trevor Brewis with a break and dish in the final frame decider. Both players would admit it was a very under par performance from them and can certainly play better. Another highlight on the stream would be Reece Chisholm coming through as a 9-4 victor over Gary Spooner, and showing he is certainly on the rise an capable of beating anybody on their day. The 2nd round paired up Colin Pilcher, yet again on the stream, playing the free flowing potting of Lee Cook, who did not disappoint. After a few frame early on which could have went either way, Lee then played faultless pool coming away as an 11-2 victor. In that sort of form he could have beat anyone.

Throughout the day, there were some great matches and performances, with runner up Ray Irving playing some steady pool and proving he is very hard to beat. But after a midnight nap. Lee Cook, woke back up and continued his rich vein of form by coming through an 11-9 victor, in the early hours of Monday morning.

In the plate competition, the final was competed by Gary Spooner and Ian Robinson, with the latter coming away with the £200 prize winnings.

All in all a good day was had by all, and a pretty well run competition played at a good venue with fantastic tables. Big thanks to Ian Turner and Premier Pool for a well run competition, and also to Alan Yates from 8 ball direct who kept the stream ticking over and cleaning the tables before every game, as well as sponsoring the event also.

Full round of main event results

Round 1

Alfie Powlie 9 – 7 John Tindale
Alan Parker 9 – 4 Kai Dixon
Lee Cook 9 – 4 Jamie McDonald
Colin Pilcher 9 – 8 Trevor Brewis
Matthew Christopher 9 – 6 Steve Spears
Reece Chisholm 9 – 4 Gary Spooner
Ian Turner 9 – 5 Jamie Spratt
Ray Irving 9 – 7 Ian Robinson

Quarter Finals

Ray Irving 11 – 10 Reece Chisholm
Matthew Christopher 11 – 7 Ian Turner
Lee Cook 11 – 2 Colin Pilcher
Alan Parker 11 – 9 Alfie Powlie

Semi Finals

Ray Irving 11 – 7 Matthew Christopher
Lee Cook 11 – 7 Alan Parker


Lee Cook 11 – 9 Ray Irving

Well done to all lads who participated and im sure we will see you all again soon

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