Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

16 man £100 a man Tournament – Review

Fantastic day down at Wardles Pool on Saturday, as the £100 a man tournament was played out with 16 tough competitors coming head to head. Eventually after a long, hard-fought day, Davy Glynn came out as the champion and took the lion’s share of the prize fund.

The event started on the Friday event, with the live-draw for the event being livestreamed through the Wardles Pool YouTube page. The first round threw up some tasty looking fixtures, which played out as expected.

Pick of the first round was Daniel Wallace v Colin Pilcher, too early tipped favourites. Daniel raced in to an early lead, up 8-4 at one point. However, “Fish” digged in and managed to claw it back to 9-9 and take it to a decider. Eventually clinching the final frame after a mistake from Wallace.

First Round Results;

Les Walker 10-6 Joe Carr
Colin Pilcher 10-9 Daniel Wallace
Neil Stoddard 10-6 Anth Dixon
Davy Glynn 10-8 Jake Bell
Kevin Cunningham 10-4 Peter Henderson
Kevin Duke 10-9 David Watkins
Kai Dixon 10-4 Graham Roper
Neil Brigham 10-6 Frankie Ward

The second round had some close games, none other than our 2nd round highlight Kevin Duke v Kevin Cunningham. The game started with Duke racing in to a 5-1 lead and missing very little. Cunningham managed to keep the game close and the pair were neck & neck through until the deciding frame. Kevin Cunningham taking the win with both players feeling they had chances to secure the frame earlier

Second Round Results;

Colin Pilcher 10-6 Les Walker
Davy Glynn 10-8 Neal Stoddard
Kevin Cunningham 10-9 Kevin Duke
Neil Brigham 10-4 Kai Dixon

With the 4 remaining players all aware that they had now hit the stage of making profit, some tension from the first round games were lifted. However, it now hit the point in which every player wanted to go on and take the crown.

Semi Final Results;

Davy Glynn 10-7 Colin Pilcher
Neil Brigham 10-5 Kevin Cunningham

Eventually we had our finalists. After a long hard battle throughout the day, we were left with local player and Wardles owner, Davy Glynn. Versus relatively unknown, but clearly talented, Neil Brigham. Both players came in to the event without many knowing about them, however with both racking up cracking results, it’s safe to say they have stamped there mark now.

The final was decided to be a first to 7, due to both players feeling the fatigue and the time drawing on. Davy raced in to a 3-0 lead, with Neil missing some key balls. However, the table was then flipped and Davy missed some chances which Neil pounced upon. After a few tactical frames, it was Davy Glynn who ran out as the Grand Final winner and took home the scoop of £540 for first place, with Neil Brigham taking home a respectable £320 runners-up prize.

A fantastic day enjoyed by all and just another of many events going down at Wardles Pool. Big thank you must go to Kevin Duke for his tireless work and organisation in getting the competition on its feet. It takes a lot of effort to co-ordinate and manage 16 people for a tournament.

Many thanks to David “Razz” Leathead for the great review.

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