Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

16 Man £100 Tournament at Wardles – Predictions!

A 16 Man £100 Tournament at Wardles kicks off on Saturday 1st April. Here we look at some predictions for the much anticipated event.

Kevin Duke Host for the tournament, Kevin is a steady player and can clean them up given the chance. He could be up there and go the distance.
Joe Carr – An underdog for the tournament and a tournament where Joe will be happy to be part of. He will be looking for an easier opponent as a starter and will want to provide an upset.
Anth Dixon – Played Joseph Harland at Razz night on 10th March and was beat 9-4. Will he be able to use this defeat to help him along his way. You can be sure he will have been practicing in the run up to this tournament.
Frankie Ward – Once called an 87 year old Disher at a county match after mopping up a clearance in only 3 and a half hours. The veteran of the field, but certainly the most experienced. Still learning Blackball rules so that may be against him, but if you draw Frankie, prepare for a battle and not just a war.
Daniel Wallace – A keen potter and someone who enjoys clearing them up as soon as possible, doesn’t like to get tied down particularly in a scrappy battle however is capable of holding his own if need be. I would make Daniel a lead favourite for the tournament and could be one of the players to beat depending on the initial draw.
Jake Bell – When the tournament was first announced and there was a running book, Jake was clear favourite at 3/1. Steady player and another one to beat.
Peter Henderson – Relatively unknown to us at northeastpool, however sources close to us state that Peter is very fast at the table and likes to go for anything. He will need to be careful not to fall in the trap in going for everything as he will quickly be tied up by his opponent.
Neil Brigham – Another relatively unknown player to us at northeastpool. Will be hoping he has the run of the table to go far.
Kevin Cunningham – Father of young Jordan Cunningham. Kevin will be hoping to use his sons recent victory as a catalyst for this event. Came into it last minute, however you can be sure he is prepared and will put up a great fight.
Kai Dixon – After a recent money match defeat Kai will be relishing the opportunity to put things right on the table and this tournament is a perfect way to hit back at his critics. A tournament format seems to prefer Disher’s game and it will be interesting to see how he reacts. He is more than capable of winning the tournament however taking the right shot at the right time could be the deciding factor on whether he goes all the way or not.
David Watkins – Woki is someone who plays plenty of money matches so this sort of tournament won’t phase him and he will be relishing the opportunity in making a good start. In order to go far Woki will need to take his chances and be careful on the clearances he takes out because if not, he will get himself into all sorts of bother.
Graham Roper – A solid potter and someone who can clean them up given the opportunity. No reason why Graham can’t go far in this tournament. If this was a drinking competition Roper would be close favorite for sure, however, it is a pool competition. Roper has got the hunger back for the game after joining the IPA Tour. He will be looking to establish himself in a strong field.
Colin Pilcher – Fish is another individual who I think will be strong favourite for the competition. He really enjoys playing these sort of tournaments and has a good history in winning this sort of format. A deciding factor for me on whether he will go far in the tournament will be whether he has practiced enough for the day as a lack of match practice can go either way. Fish is a solid player and someone who is renowned for his tactics however if the clearance is there he will seek no hesitation in going for them. Been the only ginger in this field will be a significant advantage to Fish!
Davey Glynn – is a steady player and someone who has played a few small money games at Wardles and concentrates fully all the time. Beat Andy Poulter 9-7 at a recent Razz night so it shows he has the winning mentality. 
Les Walker – 
Has been practicing when he can, in the run up to this tournament and will be hoping to be amongst it. May be classed as an underdog, however, he certainly had the ability to cause an upset or 2. He has played a few games for money so he will know what it’s all about.
Neal Stodard – The last unknown quantity for us at northeastpool. After Saturday I’m sure we will know a lot more about the 3 players we don’t know much about and will be able to express an opinion. However, again, he certainly has the belief to be entering a tournament of this nature.

I’m sure it will be a great day with some very close matches that could go all the way. See below the draw including my prediction for each game.

12pm starts;

Joe Carr v Les Walker – Table 4

Daniel Wallace v Colin Pilcher – Table 2

David Watkins v Kevin Duke – Table 6

Kai Dixon v Graham Roper – Table 3

2pm starts;

Anth Dixon v Neal Stoddard – Table 6

Davy Glynn v Jake Bell – Table 2

Kevin Cunningham v Peter Henderson – Table 4

Neil Brigham v Frankie Ward – Table 3

My winners are; Les Walker, Colin Pilcher, David Watkins, Graham Roper, Anth Dixon, Jake Bell, Kevin Cunningham, Frankie Ward


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