Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

£10 Wardles knockout – 2nd July 2017

Here David Razz Leathead takes a look at the upcoming tournament at Wardles this coming Sunday:

To start July, we have a crackin line-up of 42 players all taking part in a £10 entry, single elimination tournament over at Wardles Pool in Hebburn. After last month’s event, in which Jake Bell ran out as champion, a lot of players have returned to take a crack at his crown, as well as some new faces. In this writeup we’ll take a look at a few players who may cause some upsets

David Glynn
Despite going out in the first round of the last tournament to an in-form Ricky Brown, Mr Glynn will be a player who other participants will be hoping to avoid. The Co-Owner of Wardles, will be hoping his experience in winning the £100 a man competition, can help push him further in this competition

Donna Evans
However his opponent in the prelim round is our only female entry in this competition. Similarly, she comes to Wardles on the back of good news, after finding out she is in the England Ladies team for their next event. Donna Is a player not to be taken lightly and if given a half chance, is more than capable of taking out some of the favourites in such a short race format.

Kurtis Matthews
Local player Kurtis has a tricky first round draw in experienced player Daniel Wallace, but the youngster will without doubt put up a good fight. After winning his first money match recently, as well as swapping to a recently purchased Excel Cue, Kurtis will want a strong start to the tournament and taking out Mr Wallace could be the catalyst that kickstarts him.

Danny Martin
A local player whose name will probably not be known that well outside of the South Shields area, but a strong player none the less. With a game lined up for August, Danny will be hoping he can find some form early, in front of a crowd who will be eager to watch how he is playing. A prelim round vs Daniel Newby will be an interesting watch.

Over £400 in the Prize Fund is a cracking turnout for a tournament in the middle of the summer. Hopefully the tournament runs as smoothly as the last one and it should be another fantastic day of pool. For any more info, feel free to follow Wardles Pool on Facebook, for further events.


Article courtesy of David Leathead from Wardles

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