Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more
Promoting North East pool, with matches, venues and more

Welcome to, the place to be for all things pool in the North East., was born on 22nd February 2017 which provides a platform for all passionate and dedicated pool players to showcase what talent we have in the North East. We report on money matches, local leagues, information on venues and promoting the exciting and developing talent of North East Pool Players. We believe will only help further develop our array of up and coming talent and help put the North East firmly on the map, in UK pool.

Consett Fantasy Pool League

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North East Pool
North East Pool1 year ago
Even though our league has been stopped prematurely, we still raised some money this season for our Charity of Choice. Derwentside MIND. We have just donated £155 to them today. Thanks too all Consett Pool Leagues Players.
North East Pool
North East Pool1 year ago
We would just like to wish young Alfie from our mini stars a very happy birthday. We hope you have a very special day young man and we hope we see you soon.
North East Pool
North East Pool1 year ago
Money match. Barney and T-Rex v Rafael and police dog. Normal doubles. Race to 1, 8pm, blue cloth, the loft. For 2 slices of pepperoni pizza, 3 dog treats, a diplodocus bone, and a barney and friends dvd. Best of luck to all involved

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Marc Farnsworth
David Compton Chris Gill Paul Riley Michael Rhodes
Brian Halcrow Michael Oliver Stu Green Michael Peel
Kevin Rainbow Lee Shepherd Ryan Clark Dan Harris
David Craggs Paul Lynch Lee Wilson Steve Thompson
Chris Bowron Gavin Robinson Geoff Campbell Table

Lee StaffordPhil BurfordKevin McGarrySteve Woodier

Liam Clark Ian Staines Trevor Walton Nikki Murtagh
Craig Brown Craig Lauder Matt Brannan Anthony Miller
Kevin Teasdale Steven Wylie Paul Coxon Davey Harrop
Simon Baker Martin Perry Chris Patrick David Young (Chester)
Craig Riddell Lee Wray Dean Wilson Jordan Young
Ryan Cooper Paul Henderson Marc Smith Scott Chisholm
Jason Watson Nicky Ellar Callum Robinson Jay Dewar
Jordan Cunningham t t t

Phil EmpsonJamie SprattDaz ArkleDavid Castledene

Phillip Marshall David Taggart Dean Moore Chris Darrell
Matty Rowland Mark Bell Ross Terrington Micky McLoughlin
Jonny Watson Mark Watson Stephen Hayes Stewart Wright
Alex Rambert Mark Royal Jordan Watson James Hall
Ian Smith Michael Burke James Charville Colin Riches
Ray Irving Liam O’Neill Craig McCree Peter McGonnell
Jason Hebron Gerard Boyle Ricky Bloomfield Julian Slater
Lee Ward Ian Jeff Lee Hansen Lee Bell
Kevin Brown Ian Bell Graeme Witton Chris Barton
Mark Davies Adrian Kavanagh Gary Bell Peter Woodier
James Day Paul Gritton Phil Moore John Hall
Matthew Christopher Stu Magee Colin Pilcher Graham Roper
David Young Justin Bainbridge Andy Russell Kevin Cunningham
Mark Little Robert Hogarth Jake Bell Daniel Wallace
Alan Hogarth Lean Quinn (Snr) Kane Armstrong Paul Gritton jnr
Karl Craik Ally Mooney Kevin Duke Mark Szczypka
Tony Short Darren Tinkler Stephen Cockerill David Ball
Alan Parker Trevor Davison Mick Eggo Alex Baker
Frankie Ward Stuart Langford Jason Ritson Jim Dawson
Gary Spooner Andrew Mole Ben Wood Ian Turner
Kai Dixon Shaun Taylor Alex Whitton Sam Buller
Lewis Hutchinson Ricky Brown Gareth Lithgow Lee Cook
Andrew Marsh Stu Richardson David Watkins Sean Foxton
Reece Chisholm Eddie Irving Steven Pratt Mark Hughes
Mark Humble David Glynn Lee Boggie Darrin Craggs
Connor Morton Rob McConnell Jonathan Holmes Gordon Holding
Neil Eddy Daniel Defty Jamie Stephenson
Chris Coatsworth Leslie Gibbs Jason Ashton Colin Matthews
Catherine Jones Connor Lightbody Anth Dixon Steven Burke
Alan Yates Steven Jones David Wilkinson Michael Wilson
Leon Quinn Jnr Dan Wood David Solomon Richard Stuart
Scott Parkin Lee Skinner Daz Jones Danny Thorpe
Leigh Mavin Luke Scarth David Tuck Les Walker
Iszaac Jones Scott Gray David Bridge Gary Burdon
Jack Clark Rab Elliot Keith Briggs David Thompson
David Robinson Chris Page Mick Bloomfield Andrew Morley
Gary Close Lee Taylor Ryan McKenna Michael Shaw
Marc Murray David Leathead Seamus Nolan Michael Best
Jonny Thirsk Andrew Bowes Brian Pendleton Andy Robson
Simon Phillipson Brian Denham Jonny Carr Paul Stabler
Joe Carr David Bowes Mark O’Connor Fraser Lightbody
Jamie Brown David Murray John Cook Ian McCallister
Trevor Summers Les Scott Brian Robinson Gary Richardson
Paul Emerson John Kirby David Neill Dean Mains
Christopher Greenwell Fraser Lightbody
Andrew Spratt Colin Watson Wayne Whitfield David Ferguson
Ben Cook Graeme Thompson David Foreman Lee Rackham
Craig Gardner Phil Welch Corey Walker Lee Coates
Stevie Spears Beau Thirsk Stuwart Mawson
Jack Raine Mark Hall

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